CVMSPro - Manage Vacancies

Single screen for Vacancy info & its Shortlist / Scheduling till now!

Companies & Vacancies

manage & monitor them together without confusions

We know, you are working with multiple companies and wish to extend your services to 1000s of company accounts and servicing their multiple vacant positions individually. We solve your problems of managing them and watching whats the status.

Manage Vacancies

Why to limit yourself & restrict your business growth just because managing companies and their multiple vacancies is painful. Just focus on your customer/company relationship and leave the management & tracking of vacancies onto CVMS Pro. Watch your recruitment team status on each vacancy on a click.

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Handling multiple customers/companies is easy

Handling multiple vacancies from single / multiple companies is easy

Recruiting team is working on their assigned vacancy

Team can keep candidates tagged against a vacancy

You know current status of any vacancy anytime

You know what is the shortlist position for a vacancy

Importantly: All this is in a centralized place that any authorized user / recruiter can monitor.

Just focus on recruitment!

We can't wait to partner with you to solve your most critical problems.