CVMSPro - Search / Shortlisting

Quick search capabilities to work on your centralized data bank

Search and Shortlist

right candidate for right job in less time; if done correctly

And thats all what you need. Isn't it? CVMSPro will help you doing that as it keeps all your updated candidate profiles in a centralized place letting all your recruiting team members search for right candidate quickly and shortlist them for right job.

Shortlisting Candidate

Searching a right match is really painful, importantly when your candidate profiles are in Excels and scattered all around. You are either merging them together before every search or running through them individually. Worst is when you run your searches on old sheets and don't know if your team members is already communicating with the same candidate.

*Sample data with wrong / random mobile nos.
*Please don't make phone calls on these sample mobile nos.

Access to centralized candidate profiles database always

Advanced search capability for close result

No Excel merging from other team members

No candidate intraction update required from other team members

Easy shortlisting/tagging of candidates against a vacancy

No seperate sheets to manage vacancy shortlist

Importantly: All this is in a centralized place that any authorized user / recruiter can check.

Just focus on recruitment!

We can't wait to partner with you to solve your most critical problems.