CVMSPro - Candidate Profiles

Build your own centralized data bank of Candidates!

Robust & Updated Candidate

Your database is the key of your business; if done correctly

The basics of recruiting business starts from 'Candidates' and if you are not managing their profiles properly, you are not keeping them updated. With age-old & non-searchable candidate profiles, its difficult to fullfill a vacany requirement.

Manage Candidates

Candidate profile is one of the important tool for recruiting businesses to fullfill a vacancy requirement on time. And if your candidate profiles are not updated, not tracked, not available for quick search and you don't know past interactions, its tough to match-make without spending time, money & efforts.

*Sample data with wrong / random mobile nos.
*Please don't make phone calls on these sample mobile nos.

Robust & centralized storage of candidate profiles

Candidate profiles are always be latest updated ones

Past history of interactions on a click

Search for prospective candidate in entire database of candidates

Quick response for fullfilling a vacancy

No running through other team members or Excels to look to proper match

Importantly: All this is in a centralized place that any authorized user / recruiter can search & view.

Just focus on recruitment!

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