Recruitment Management System - Overview

We empower Placement Consultants to make data-driven decisions.

CVMSPro is for Your Team

- and for the whole company!

You can work with everyone on CVMSPro i.e. with your Recruitment Executives, Recruitment Managers and Heads of your Recruitment Consultancy company. Every team member can see past history of proceedings / interactions with candidate & Company Vacancies assigned to them. Simplifies daily work of data handling to make your recruitment process easier and accessible anytime anywhere.

Manage Candidates

Manage your candidate profiles in one place. Get out of spreadsheets & emails and enjoy the hiring process, build your database & meet nos.

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Company / Vacancies

Manage multiple companies and their multiple vacancies. Keep business relations on top to serve your customers better & fullfill vacancies.

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Searching & Shortlisting

Boost your searching process with huge no. of centralized candidate profiles. Leverage team power to get quick matches and shortlists.

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Candidate Interactions

Don't loose candidate interactions. Always be updated with the face - where you / co-workers have shortlisted the candidate so far.

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Interview Scheduling

Easily define interview schedule & their status updates for the Lined-up Candidates and keep them separate against a job - no mixing.

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Discover the new way of recruiting across recruiters. Work smarter together and create more value, better monitoring, better results.....

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Just focus on recruitment!

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