CVMSPro - Interactions

We empower recruitment agencies to make data-driven decisions.

Candidate's Past Interactions

helps to check out past history of being shortlisted

Its important to know what we have communicated or where we had processed a candidate in past or who had the last conversation with a candidate etc. Keeping interactions updated for a candidate, builds a complete history of them for your future reference purposes.

Candidate Interactions

CVMSPro helps you keep all interactions together for each candidate individually. Going forward through your recruitment cycle, you want to know: who spoken him last, what was communicated, has this candidate already gone through some interviews etc etc. This gives you an entire track record of a candidate in your company.

*Sample data with wrong / random mobile nos.
*Please don't make phone calls on these sample mobile nos.

Know, what has been communicated

Know, who communicated & when

Know, shortlisting history & for which vancany

Know, if interviews have been scheduled for a candidate

No need to ask other team members of their conversation

No assumptions, no mis-understandings in your team

Importantly: All this is in a centralized place that any authorized user / recruiter can see the interactions.

Just focus on recruitment!

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