About CVMSPro

We empower recruitment agencies to make data-driven decisions.

What is CVMS Pro?

A system to make recruitment agencies life easier.

CVMS Pro is an online work platform for placement & recruitment agencies with a new take on how everyday work gets done. It gives recruiters more power than ever before to manage data & work in an efficient way. CVMS Pro is a service solution to keep all your candidate's profiles in a centralized place for all recruiters of your organization to stop duplicates. The system brings together all the recruiters, vacancies, candidates and most importantly the searching & communications.

Why CVMS Pro?

As a placement & recruitment consultancy firm, you are bound to do lot of manual work. With a team of recruiters, it becomes a problem to quantify & have quality work done. Your recruiters are searching candidates, making 100s of calls daily to prospect candidates and creating their profiles - all in Excel sheets. As per industry research, this brings to 30% of duplicate profiles. CVMS Pro helps keeping your candidate profiles unique and accessible to all recruiter at any point of time - which increases their changes to get right match for right job. Keeping track of candidate communications & follow-ups have always been a pain - which is at ease with CVMS Pro.

How CVMS Pro helps?

CVMS Pro brings all candidates & vacancies at the centralized place to be accessible to all recruiters in an organization. So, multiple recruiters can work on multiple vacancies and access more no. of candidate profiles to make a better match. No more sharing of Excel files, filtering out duplicates, merging, normalizing and month-end synchronizations as everything is in-sync everytime.

Resulting in - no more bottlenecks, no more blind spots, no more unavailable info and no disconnection

Our Mission

To become a backbone of placement consultancy companies by providing them a robust system for handling their operations (candidate profiles, searching, communications/activities), focusin on their business and not managing data in order to generate revenue & improve recruiter productivity.

Just focus on recruitment!

We can't wait to partner with you to solve your most critical problems.