CVMSPro - Interview Scheduling

Once scheduled, get yourself reminded on Interview date automatically!

Candidate's Interview Line-ups

is not easy & recording is equally important

After all your efforts, you have fixed an interview of a candidate. Who will remind your recruiters to follow-up on interview date? How do you track these schedules for individual candidate basis? What if candidate doesn't turn up? How to know if interview has already been scheduled for a candidate & if yes for which job?

Interview Scheduling

CVMSPro helps you mark an interview schedule for a candidate for a job. This gets recorded as an interaction against a candidate for future references too. So in future, you know who scheduled an interview, when & scheduled for what date & time. Candidates which are scheduled for a particular job are always tagged with the job until their interview results (rejection / appointment) is declared.

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Tagging a candidate an under-interview for a vacancy

Any team member can see candidate's interview schedule

In future, team knows candidate's past interview schedules

List of Under-Interview candidates can be seen anytime

No Excel sheet required to track 'Under-Interview' for each job

No Excel mergers for final 'Under-Interview' list of a vacancy

Importantly: All this is in a centralized place that any authorized user / recruiter can access.

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